Marella by photographer Leon Mark

Madewell by photographer Arno Frugier

Prabal Gurung by casting director Shaun Beyen

Sean Suen by stylist Pau Avia

Ami Paris by stylist Pau Avia

Sunday Times Style by stylist Maya Zepinic

10+Magazine by photographer David Vasiljevic

Revue by photographer Jai Odell

Revue by stylist Pau Avia

Revue by casting director Shaun Beyen

Tommy Hilfiger by stylist Pau Avia

Gerard Darel by casting director Shaun Beyen

Le Gramme by photographer Jai Odell

Porter by stylist Maya Zepinic

Theory by casting director Shaun Beyen

Net-a-Porter x Balmain by stylist Maya Zepinic

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