Darren Gwynn

Photographer Director
South African born Darren Gwynn first fell in love with picture making at 15 while exploring alternative darkroom processing. After school he went on to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Photography Fine Art and Art History before moving to London where he assisted many of the top photographers of today.

Darren has exhibited his work in multiple group shows, most notably a group show with Marlene Dumas, Claudette Schreuders and George Pemba to name a few.

His editorial work can be seen in magazines such as D la Repubblica, Document Journal, Revue, Exhibition and others while his commercial clients range from Saint Laurent, Ami Paris and Giorgio Armani to name a few.

Darren now lives in London.


D la Repubblica
Document Journal
Harper's Bazaar Italia
Sixteen Journal


Anest Collective
Ami Paris
De Beers
Del Core
Massimo Dutti
Max Mara
Saint Laurent
Victoria Beckham
Zara Man

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