TRBL MNGT has earned a certain reputation as a troublemaker, its family of photographers, filmmakers, stylists, creative directors and casting directors renowned for breaking the established codes of fashion, beauty and luxury. The agency’s strength is innovation, driven by the vision of an inspiring personality with a singular career path. Not to mention the additional energy and sensibility of an entirely female management team.

Sophie Hirtzel founded her boutique agency as the natural development of her expertise in visual creation, gained from her time as editorial director of several influential magazines. She nurtures her commitment to the agency and the environment by way of pioneering sustainable projects. The international scope of the agency is by no means incompatible with its family spirit. Aside from preserving its independent status, each connection is built to last with a close day-to-day relationship.

TRBL MNGT demonstrates the same professionalism whether collaborating with industry leaders or working on its more trailblazing projects. Confronted with unexpected partnerships, its realm of talents in unknown territories testifies to a constant desire for transformation.



Sophie Hirtzel
+33 6 38 60 96 78


Alice Beghin
+39 392 999 7595


Hannah Gower-Quiroga
+44 7891 560401

New York

Kirsten Morehouse
+1 917 971 4833

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